Strategy and Systems Director

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Joseph joined us in July 2017 to co-ordinate the development of the ZIP strategic direction, and of the personnel management and financial planning/management systems.

He came to us from a career that began carrying out ecological surveys and monitoring, largely in the South Island high country, for the New Zealand Forest Service, Landcare Research and DOC.

After a short period as a science co-ordinator and editor, Joseph joined DOC as a policy analyst, working on a range of policy projects including information management, climate change, high country tenure reform, and mountain biking.

He subsequently moved to the DOC Science and Technical Units, to manage business planning and management processes, and assign requests for science and technical advice from other DOC colleagues and others. 

Joseph is based in Wellington, where he lives on the occasionally windy South Coast, with his wife and daughter (a son lives in Dunedin). He’s a keen mountain biker and tramper, who also enjoys experimenting with craft beer wort kits (purely in the name of science), growing garlic, and dabbling with Linux operating systems on home computers.