Products and Finance Coordinator


Caroline joined the ZIP team in January 2016 to oversee the financial side of ZIP. As the team has grown, so has Caroline’s role with ZIP. She now also provides support and advice to help enable predator free projects to achieve their goals.

Caroline has a BAppSc from Deakin University in Australia and a PostGradCert Sc from Massey. She has always been a conservationist, and enjoys working with like-minded people.  

Previously, Caroline worked at the Department of Conservation. She then spent over ten years at Project Crimson delivering on a wide range of tasks including Trees That Count, and the TREEmendous partnership with The Mazda Foundation. 

Based in Wellington, Caroline is a long term Toastmaster, taking on a variety of club and area roles.  She has run a couple of marathons and several half marathons, but has now migrated to Cross Fit.  She enjoys attempting to wrangle her garden under control, and seeing kaka flying overhead. She has developed an appreciation of a fine cheese scone from her time at ZIP and is enjoying the ongoing search for the perfect scone.