Science Advisor

James Ross profile photo.JPG

James has been working as a scientist in wildlife management and conservation in NZ for the past 20 years and has published over 100 research articles in this area. He is currently a Co-Director for the Centre of Wildlife Management and Conservation based at Lincoln University.

Most recently, James has been working on two MBIE-funded research programs looking at developing now toxins and tools for the control of possums, rodents and stoats on the NZ mainland.

Some of James’ research highlights over the past five years include being part of a team that developed three new toxins: PAPP (stoats) & Zinc Phosphide (possums) and Sodium Nitrate (feral pigs); all of which are now commercially available. In recognition of this work he is now the “Improved Toxins and New Devices Research Champion” in the National Science Challenge (Biological Heritage).

In 2015, he orchestrated a formal relationship between Lincoln University and ZIP, which enabled the construction of ZIP’s 2-ha predator behaviour enclosure, where trials are ongoing.

A list of James’ recent publications and other research activity can be found on his Lincoln University staff profile.