Field Ranger


Ben joined ZIP in 2018 and is excited to be part of such a positive and agile organisation.

After gaining his degree in Biological Sciences in 2013 Ben spearheaded the Enhanced Transition Programme with the University of Auckland, researching the application of academic support for Māori and Pasifika tertiary students. His love of adventure led him away from the office to the jungle of Rangitahua/Raoul Island as a volunteer for DOC. He returned to Raoul as a ranger in 2015.

After Raoul Ben travelled to the island of Okinawa, Japan, to research and practice traditional martial arts before settling briefly in Auckland to work for the University again as an academic advisor and coordinator. Realising finally that cities were simply not for him, Ben began to learn the building trade on his island home of Waiheke until a surprising opportunity whisked him away to Asia on an entrepreneurs business internship.

In his spare time Ben enjoys writing, playing guitar, and watching professional StarCraft.