Field Ranger

A love of rugged landscapes, travel, wildlife and new challenges is what brings Tim to the ZIP team from his native Tasmania. 

Tim has a highly varied background that has taken him from working as a wetland guide in the Northern Territory to stoat trapping Fiordland’s outer islands, and many other occupations in between.

On NZ soil, employment as a contractor to DOC has enabled Tim to be immersed in landscapes such as Raoul Island, Marlborough, Kahurangi and Fiordland.

A keen interest in tramping, pack rafting and trout fishing has given Tim a solid appreciation of New Zealand’s backcountry and he is very much looking forward to seeing more of it through his role as a ZIP field ranger.

On days off Tim enjoys sharing a beer, banter and cooking (preferably over a wood fire) with the crew, or poring over maps to try and find a potential hidden gem.