Field Ranger

Klayre is ZIP's “pint sized pocket rocket”.

Arriving on our shores around 12 years ago from Great Britain she fell in love with New Zealand and NZ liked her too, so decided to let her stay forever!

Since then she’s been involved in all sorts of things North and South Island wide. Klayre is particularly keen on species monitoring and has worked with DOC collecting data on great white butterflies, powelliphanta, birdsong, short tailed bats, rats and stoats.

It must have been walking in those English Woodlands…or maybe being expelled from kindergarten for having “too much energy”…that gave Klayre her zeal for the outdoors, which has seen her working in numerous environments from Raoul Island to Fiordland.

She’s a real easygoing soul who is stoked to be on the ZIP team and is hoping to learn a few GIS skills along the way. We’re pretty sure the team will love her baking too!