Executive Assistant

Kristin joined the ZIP team in late August of 2017 to fill the Executive Assistant role and provide administrative support to the ZIP team.

She has always been interested in animal studies and earned a BS in Primatology as well as a BA in Psychology and BA in Anthropology with a strong focus on animal behaviour. Originally from America, Kristin moved to New Zealand in 2009 where she worked as a zoo keeper at Wellington Zoo for the next 5 years. Most recently she worked for the Department of Conservation as the PA/Administrator for the Terrestrial Ecosystems Unit.

Kristin is really looking forward to being a part of the ZIP team and continuing her path in conservation. She loves being outdoors and is looking forward to helping out at ZIP’s field sites when she can.

Based in Wellington, Kristin enjoys strength training, travel and snorkeling. She also enjoys a healthy amount of wine and cheese.