POA (minimum $45,000 + GST)

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For landscape-scale (i.e. 1,000 ha+) predator-free initiatives, ZIP has designed the OutPost automated reporting system to enable timely transfer of data from the field. The OutPost system is compatible with the ZIP PosStop, and can reduce the labour costs associated with monitoring a network of leghold traps by over 90%.

The OutPost system includes:

  • LoRa (low-powered radio)-enabled automated reporting trap nodes

  • Satellite boxes to receive and transmit data

  • Access to ZIP webserver to notify trap status

  • Installation and ongoing support from Zero Invasive Predators

The number of each component required will be unique to each predator free project, depending on a range of factors including scale, terrain and species present.

If you think OutPost might be appropriate for you and your project, please contact us at products@zip.org.nz, or complete an enquiry form.