For landscape-scale (i.e. 1,000 ha+) predator-free initiatives, ZIP has designed the OutPost automated reporting system to enable timely and cost-effective transfer of data from the field. The OutPost system is compatible with the ZIP PosStop, and can reduce the labour costs associated with servicing a network of leghold traps by over 90%.

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The OutPost system includes:

  • LoRa (low-powered radio)-enabled automated reporting trap nodes

  • Satellite boxes to receive and transmit data

  • Access to ZIP webserver to notify trap status

  • Installation and ongoing support from Zero Invasive Predators

Each component of the system comes with a 2 year warranty and expected battery life of 5 years under normal usage. The number of each component required will be unique to each predator free project, depending on a range of factors including scale, terrain and species present.

POA (minimum $45,000 + GST)