The ZIP PosStop takes a tried and true possum trap, the PCR No. 1 Leg-hold, and presents it in a highly effective raised platform. Each component of the system has been carefully designed and extensively tested to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of trapping operations (catching over 20% more possums than a ‘standard’ raised set), while reducing potential risks to non-target species.


Each unit comes with a 2-year warranty, and consists of:

  • Glass fibre-reinforced plastic platform

  • High grade steel, zinc-coated PCR No. 1 Leg-hold Trap

  • Adjustable galvanised steel chain with bungee to improve animal welfare and prevent escapes

  • A white visual lure to attract possums to the trap

  • All fasteners required to attach platform and visual lure to tree, chain to platform, and optional wooden ramp to platform

  • Two TEK driver bits and an Installation Guide will be included along with every 1-50 units purchased.

Please note:

  1. Under the Animal Welfare Act 1999, it is a legal requirement that all live-capture traps (including the ZIP PosStop) are checked within 12 hours of sunrise every day.

  2. For large-scale (i.e. 1,000 ha+) predator-free projects, the ZIP OutPost system can be added to enable remote inspection of traps.

  3. The PosStop trap platform is not compatible with the Victor No. 1 leghold trap; it can only be used with the PCR No. 1 leghold.

$TBC + GST & freight