The ZIP Possum Trap takes a tried and true possum trap, the PCR No. 1 Leg-hold, and presents it in a highly effective raised set. Each component of the system has been carefully designed and extensively tested to maximise the effectiveness and efficiency of trapping operations (catching over 20% more possums than a ‘standard’ raised set), while reducing potential risks to non-target species.

Please note: This trap must be manually checked within 12 hours of sunrise every day, making it most suitable for small-scale projects.

Each unit comes with a 2-year warranty, and consists of:

  • Glass fibre-reinforced plastic platform

  • High grade steel, zinc-coated PCR No. 1 Leg-hold Trap

  • Adjustable galvanised steel chain with bungee to improve animal welfare and prevent escapes

  • White visual lure to attract possums to the trap

  • All fasteners required to attach platform and visual lure to tree, chain to platform, and optional wooden ramp to platform

Two TEK driver bits and an Installation Guide will be included along with every 50 units purchased.

If you have any questions about the ZIP Possum Trap, please complete an inquiry form, or contact our team at products@zip.org.nz.